Wanted: High-end (fertility) clinics located in Northern Europe

A well-established medical organization with over 35 years of experience within the reproductive field is looking to expand in Northern Europe, preferably starting in The Netherlands. To meet its high-quality standards abroad, our client is specifically looking for companies with state-of-the-art medical facilities. They have a high willingness to invest and engage in knowledge sharing with suitable local partners. Deal structure, acquisition vs. cooperation, to be determined between parties.

Company Highlights Proposition Outlines
• Medical-company with more than >35 years of experience
• Ranked within the top 20 private clinics in its domestic market
• Quality Guarantees: ISO 9001, AENOR 14001, various CEIFER
certificates, National Register of SEF, Quality Certificate of HLA Hospital
Group, Quality Certificate of OZOOA International
• Treatments & Services: Artificial Insemination, IVF, ROPA, Egg
Donation, Secure FIV, Implantation Failures, Male & Female Fertility
Preservation, Embryo Donation
• Company offers innovative treatment in Genetics in its own laboratory
• Treatments have a high effectiveness rate (up to 90%)
• Serves an international client base

Proposition Outlines
• Initially targeting Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
• Investment in quality, growth and R&D (knowledge sharing)
• Limited initial investment, increase upon milestones
• Active role required of local partner in running joint operations
• Flexible in deal structure; collaboration vs. majority/minority acquisition
• Further details to be determined in open discussion between parties and
outlined in a partnership agreement

Target Profile 
• A medical-company/clinic with state-of-the-art medical infrastructure
• Located in Northern Europe (i.e. The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium)
• All required certifications in order (safe, competent and professional)
• Provides personalized treatments & services within the field of fertility
• Solid medical and financial track record, in growth phase
• Open-culture and people-oriented mindset
• Operates with multidisciplinary teams
• Actively looks for quality-oriented professionals

(BP4180) 051
Type overname
Circa 6 FTE

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