CSRD Advisory with Proprietary Tooling Seeks Strategic Buyer in Regulatory Compliance Services

A consultancy firm specializing in CSRD compliance is available for acquisition. This company offers a comprehensive 8-step methodology, digital tools, training programs, and personalized consulting services, ensuring high standards in sustainability and impact reporting. The firm serves a diverse clientele, including companies, consultancies, and auditors, aligning its services with the principles of People, Planet, and Profit.


Company vision

To create a world where anyone can understand and implement ESG reporting.

The company connects sustainability and data expertise to implement an automated ESG reporting approach and accelerate companies’ positive impact.


Business model

The business model is divided into two main categories: Tooling and Consultancy & Training.
• Customers can purchase these tools and services through a subscription, hourly fee, or a one-time investment.
• Approximately 41% of the income is generated from Tooling, while Consultancy & Training accounts for the remaining 59%.



The synergy of ESG expertise with automated tooling and data solutions is a key strength.
• The combination of automated, user-friendly tools and a DIY approach results in a highly scalable business model.
• Their value proposition is a cost-effective alternative to traditional consultancy hours, with knowledge retained by the client.
• The company boasts a strong brand despite its youth.
• Its resilience and agility make it attractive to top talent.


Buyer Profile

The sought buyer is a (preferably) internationally active technological party active in the field of corporate reporting software. Experience with SGD-reporting is beneficial however not a must.


Interested or wanting more information? Contact Nick Pals (+31 6 11 33 24 31) or Laura Fietje (+31 6 34 34 87 65)

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