Industry-leading, worldwide specialist in the design and manufacture of mould and die change systems for diverse production industries.

Company profile & investment considerations

The company is an innovator, designer, manufacturer and supplier to the mould and die change system industry. The company’s bolt-on, ‘quick change’ systems for plastic moulding and metal stamping lines offer clients significant time and cost savings. It’s one of just a handful of companies operating on a global scale that can offer a complete range of solutions in the QMC and QDC fields, alongside standard components.

The company outsources fabrication and has assembly plants in the Netherlands and China. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in Europe (2), USA and China. The group consists of 7 entities. In two of the subsidiaries a minority shareholder exists (one of 10% and one of 25%).

  • Active in plastic injection and rotational moulding, die casting, metal stamping and related industries;
  • Specialists in QMC (Quick Mould Change) and QDC (Quick Die Change) components and systems;
  • Innovative, turnkey client solutions for lean manufacturing and offering in-house installation expertise (the company has its own installation teams with software and hardware specialists to install small and larger systems on different machines all over the world);
  • State-of-the-art technology for maximising productivity and optimising cost and time efficiencies;
  • Global coverage: strong in Europe, Far East and North America and considerable growth potential;
  • Strong client base in a favourable market, pressure on reducing time and cost;
  • Ongoing programme of new product development;
  • Well established reputation for quality.


App. 70 FTE employees, (international) board of directors of 3 people (also share holders). Besides that a flexible workforce is used.

Customers & geographical spread

The company has close to 800 customers, principally across Europe, North America, India and China, and is developing new markets across the world. Growth geographically is expected to come from countries like India, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

Sells to end-users as well as OEMs in industries using injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming, rotational moulding, die casting and metal stamping machines. The most important sales markets are the white goods industry, the electronical industry, the medical industry with the focus on the automobile industry and her suppliers.

Geographically, the company covers all major European countries, North America including Mexico, China, and India which is a large growth market. Although the company has been present in the USA since 2001, it has refocused on this market only in the last 5 years, Substantial growth potential is seen in covering the entire country and expanding the sale force. A lot of potential is seen given the readiness for the application, cost level of the investment and willingness to invest.

Growth opportunities

  • High labour cost in Western Europe and North America is driving automation;
  • Growth of manufacturing principles such as Just-In-Time and Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) are increasing the popularity of lean manufacturing across more industries;
  • Another manufacturing trend for smaller production runs requires faster die and mould changes to maintain productivity;
  • Growth in automation in maturing industrial markets (China, India) due to cheap but unreliable labour;
  • Multi coupler applications other than on injection moulding machines;
  • Integration in OIT factories, i.e. Industry 4.0 compatibility, autonomous mould change.

A partner / buyer would gain access to…

A company offering global coverage

The company has offices in Europe, China and the USA and has particular strength in these markets. An acquirer would gain access to global market expertise.

Favourable market; time and cost pressure

There is growing pressure on the manufacturing market to reduce both cost and time. The savings offered in time equate to cost savings making it an attractive investment.

Established new product development

The company has and had a programme of new product launches in place that will see technological advancements introduced resulting in new opportunities and new markets.

Considerable growth potential

The company has significant growth available to it in the multi coupler market, in particular the Quick Die Change (QDC) market, and through geographical expansion.

Well established reputation for quality

The company is synonymous with quality and with offering a complete solution. The company is well reputed as a problem solver in the industry.

Production and project oriented engineering

Experienced and internationally spread engineering group with vast knowledge on mechanical and hydraulic applications.

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